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It Took Seeing Bruce Willis On Screen For Samuel L. Jackson To Understand Split
In an era where DC and Marvel superhero franchises rule the box office, writer and director M. Night Shyamalan took on both companies with his own twist – a stealth sequel to his 2000 superhero movie “Unbreakable.” It was a move that surprised and delighted audiences even Samuel L. Jackson, who played the villain Elijah "Mr. Glass" Price.
While Shyamalan has said that he had always intended “Unbreakable” to be a trilogy, nobody knew about this nor did they expect one of the sequels to be a seemingly unrelated movie released sixteen years later called “Split.” However, when audiences saw Bruce Willis’ character from “Unbreakable” make an uncredited cameo in “Split,” they were finally let in on the secret.
Jackson also found out in a similar way when Shyamalan set up a personal screening of “Split” for the actor and told him to “call me when it’s over.” When Jackson saw Willis, he realized that he too would be reprising his role. In 2019, he and Willis reunited in the final movie of Shyamalan’s trilogy, “Glass,” which combined the once seemingly separate worlds of “Unbreakable” and “Split.”