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It Took Months To Build Buckley's Costume For Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
The blue-headed alien nicknamed Buckley becomes the first victim of the Gorn’s Xenomorph-esque reproductive cycle in the ninth episode of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” Buckley’s actor, Carlos Albornoz, revealed that he had no idea what his character was supposed to look like, assuming that he would simply be given some facial prosthetics like many other aliens in the series.
Instead, he learned that he would be fully covered, sharing, “I went about a month earlier, and they just covered me in this blue goo just to get my cast, and they covered my arms as well. And then it took about a month to when they called me in for a fitting and I got to actually try on the hands for the first time.” Pockets of slime were inserted inside the suit, indicating something was wrong with Buckley’s body.
Despite all of this, Albornoz loved the experience, especially the prosthetic animatronic head, which puppeteers operated by remote. The actor described it as “awesome,” saying, “You know when they film Iron Man and you see Robert Downey Jr.’s face and all that stuff moving? That’s what it was like for me. You see all the little moving gears and stuff all over the place.”