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It Took Months Of Research For Star Trek: Discovery To Get The 10-C Right
Creating the 10-C was a challenge for the "Star Trek: Discovery" writers, as they wanted to introduce something truly alien to the show. In a 2022 interview with website TrekMovie, "Discovery" writer and producer Michelle Paradise talked about how much research went into making the species come together.
Paradise said, "We worked with biologists and chemists and linguists and with the organization METI [Messaging Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence]. It actually took a few months for us to be able to figure out how to break just the communication piece of those last few episodes.”
Paradise was also keen on getting rid of the all-too-handy Trek widget, the universal translator. The linguistic elements of the 10-C story bear a resemblance to Denis Villeneuve's film "Arrival," a film that she and the "Discovery" writers were likely influenced by.