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It Looks Like Evil Dead Rise Is Bringing Back The 'Boomstick'
The "Evil Dead" franchise has introduced many famous objects over the years, some of which will return for the upcoming "Evil Dead Rise." The new film will focus heavily on Necronomicon Ex Mortis — the Book of the Dead — and the red-band trailer has already revealed the new hero Beth (Lily Sullivan) wielding a bloody chainsaw. However, recent images show the return of another item.
Empire Magazine revealed an image of a bloody Beth aiming a double-barrel shotgun, a staple of the series referred to as a boomstick. While the footage briefly shows a cabin that could be the location of the original film, these weapons are likely not the same objects used by Ash (Bruce Campbell), the protagonist in "Army of Darkness" and "Ash vs. Evil Dead."
Each entry features a kind of long-barreled gun: The first film saw Ash wielding a rifle before it was changed to a double-barrel shotgun in "Evil Dead 2," later dubbed a boomstick in "Army of Darkness" after Ash gave an impassioned speech about the weapon. Horror fans will find out if the boomstick can help Beth and her sister’s kids survive when "Evil Dead Rise" releases on April 21, 2023.