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Is The Boys Taking Its Aquaman Joke Too Far With
The Deep?
Content Warning
The following story contains discussions of sexual assault.
As a parody of Aquaman, “The Boys” character The Deep (Chace Crawford) apparently has a fetish for sea creatures. Earlier, it was just hinted at, but now the show seems to have taken it a step further — by giving us an awkward visual glimpse.
Focusing on The Deep’s perversion toward fish seems very dumb, as the scenes only involve him and don’t play off the rest of the cast. It cheapens the usually terrific satire that is felt in the show when it relies on the ensemble of characters.
However, at the same time, this could be a way for the show to humiliate The Deep after his assault on Starlight (Erin Moriarty), his wildly inappropriate sexual jokes, and his sucking-up to Homelander (Antony Starr). It could just be considered karmic justice for the horrible things he’s done.
Although Chace Crawford stands out on the show thanks to his comedic timing and boyish charm, The Deep’s arc isn’t really going anywhere. Whether the writers choose to phase him out or kill him off, we desperately hope there’s not more fish sex.