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Is The Borg’s Return Even A Threat In Star Trek: Picard Season 3?
The Borg are a recurring villain throughout the “Star Trek” franchise, but by the time of “Picard,” they have become a tired trope and not much of a threat.
The Borg were introduced in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” where they are hive-minded and powerful to the point that Picard has to be saved by divine intervention.
Later in the series, the Borg assimilate Picard and kill thousands of people on Earth, but they are thwarted by Dr. Crusher shutting down their mainframe.
While that should have been the end of the Borg, they continued to appear in the series and even became a beehive in “Star Trek: First Contact.”
“Star Trek: Voyager” made the Borg almost entirely non-threatening, with them appearing regularly as villains and several characters being easily saved from their assimilation.
“Star Trek: Picard” shows the Romulans regularly de-assimilating Borg victims, so when Jack Crusher is revealed to have Borg DNA, it doesn’t seem as impactful as it may once have.
The Borg were once one of the scariest and most unsettling “Star Trek” villains, but their overuse has made them non-threatening and takes away from the plot of “Picard.”