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Interview With The Vampire Is Seemingly Paying Tribute To The Late, Great Anthony Bourdain
The new AMC series, “Interview with the Vampire” adapts an Anne Rice novel of the same name about a journalist who interviews a vampire named Louis. While in the book and the 1994 film, Daniel Molloy is a young journalist, the series ages him up and seemingly takes inspiration from one of the most punk writers and interviewers of all time: Anthony Bourdain.
There isn’t any official confirmation that Daniel is based on Bourdain, but the character is played by Eric Bogosian, who not only looks like Bourdain but also shares a similar voice and inflections. The AMC series also presents the journalist as more jaded than the Daniel of the novel, as a recovering drug addict dying of Parkinson’s disease.
The decision to emulate Bourdain, whether intentional or not, helps the series further develop Daniel. As a character, Daniel isn’t fleshed out all that much because he’s not the subject of the interview, and connecting the character to Bourdain helps the audience immediately empathize with and become more invested in the character.