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Ignoring The Fans Was The Only Way The Russo Brothers Could Get Through Endgame
There was a tremendous amount of pressure on the Russo brothers from fans leading up to “Avengers: Endgame.” In an interview, when the question was asked about how they tried to make the fans happy with the final movie, the Russo brothers explained that they only focused on their own opinions as two Marvel fans themselves.
Anthony Russo said that ultimately, the brothers wanted to make a movie that they themselves were happy with. He stated, "[T]he thing that we could always default to, which helped us move through any ideas of outside pressure, was just ourselves. We were huge fans ourselves. We just kept focused on, 'How do we surprise ourselves? How do we challenge ourselves?’”
Joe Russo said that another motivating factor was to make a movie that the next generation would also enjoy. He said, “The goal for us was to make sure that a new generation could walk out of those theaters and have lifetime memories from being there, watching it with their family, or their friends, and having a true theatrical experience."