How The Boys Get Around A Big Game Of Thrones Problem
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Content Warning
The following story contains discussions of sexual assault.
"The Boys" has its fair share of explicit scenes, so it's worth taking a look back at the last big TV show that was famous for its heavy amount of nudity: "Game of Thrones.” The recurring complaint from critics was the way showrunners used sex and sexual assault, particularly when it came to its female characters, and so far "The Boys" has avoided that criticism.
The best example of the difference between "GOT" and "The Boys" is the way each show went about the assaults of Sansa and Annie. The major dividing factor here is that Sansa's assault wasn't in the books, it was added into the show and Annie's was not only in the source material but the far more graphic and gratuitous assault was softened for the show.
The other notable difference is that the showrunners agonized over the decision to include Annie's scene in the show. From the first episode, "The Boys" has downplayed its source material's sexual violence, whereas "GOT" was always ramping it up.
The other major differences include; “The Boys” willingness to show male nudity, the fact that when they add unnecessary sex scenes they do it with creativity, and that they aren’t afraid to depict sex as an imperfect, awkward, or silly act. By comparison "GOT” lacked creativity with its gratuitous sex, or used sex in someone's quest for power or dominance.
"The Boys" probably couldn't get away with "GOT" early treatment of women, even if they wanted to. And though there's nothing inherently wrong with depicting these things on TV, the intelligence in which "The Boys" goes about them — and the occasional restraint — are definitely appreciated.