EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 24: Steve Levitan creator of US hit show Modern Family at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival at International Conference Centre on August 24, 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Martin Grimes/Getty Images)
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How Steven Levitan Reverse Engineered The Fictional Show At The Center Of Reboot
Sitcoms about dysfunctional families are old news, ditto for sitcom reboots, but what about a snarky meta-comedy about a dysfunctional TV cast? That’s the concept for Steven Levitan’s new show, “Reboot” about the revival of an early 2000s family sitcom “Step Right Up,” and despite being fictional, Levitan wanted the show at the center to feel as real as possible.
Steven Levitan described the process of creating the show at the center of “Reboot,” saying “…I knew what I wanted the modern-day cast to be, so I had to reverse engineer a show that made sense with that cast: having these two actors and a woman, all about the same age, and a grown-up kid. I reverse-engineered it from that."
Although "Step Right Up" has no real-life analog, it has a premise so simple and familiar that it never has to be fully explained; a glance at the cast and a clip from the series is all the audience needs to understand it’s about an adorable kid being raised by his mother, stepdad, and biological father in a single household. Lots of crazy sitcom hijinks ensue!
To top off the classic sitcom experience, Levitan insisted that the show have an irresistibly catchy theme song. Using past themes as inspiration, Levitan wrote the lyrics himself and enlisted former "Ambrosia" singer Rick Cowling to help him pull it all together, resulting in a theme song that is so catchy Levitan warns, “It gets in your ear. Be careful, everybody.”