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How Prey Avoided Putting Its Predator Through Hours In A Makeup Chair
In the latest "Predator" installment "Prey,” the overall species design of the Yautja, with hair-like appendages and giant mandibles, works against the comfortability of actors embodying the creatures. Thankfully, for actor Dane DiLiegro, great efforts were taken to make his Yautja costume as comfortable as possible.
When special effects legends Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. were designing the Yautja costume, in-person fittings happened occasionally, with Woodruff Jr. utilizing his son for test fittings and, eventually, actor Dane DiLiegro doing movement tests. These ended up reminding the special effects artist that it all wasn't just about how the creature looked — it also had plenty to do with DiLiegro being able to move.
By creating a one-piece zip-up bodysuit, the team’s finalized design ended up being super convenient for DiLiegro. While the shoot itself wasn’t exactly easy and required a great deal of physicality from DiLiegro, the modified design of the costume really saved him from being glued to the makeup chair.