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How Matt Ryan's Constantine Became The Center Of The Modern DC Universe
For the last couple of years, the DC cinematic universe has seemingly had no cohesive arc to the movies or build-up to something bigger, with standalone films exploring weird stories and characters creatively. "The Flash" movie was reportedly supposed to be a soft reboot for the DCEU and connect the stories, as the "Flashpoint" arc did for the comics.
The DC multiverse was going to center around The Flash, but since the film is up in the air now, a solution to the problem would be focusing on Matt Ryan's Constantine instead. Ryan starred as the working-class occult detective in NBC's 2014 "Constantine" and was praised for his comics-accurate depiction of the character before the show was canceled.
The character and Ryan found a new home as part of the Arrowverse, as Constantine was one of the mystical elements on "Arrow," and Ryan soon found himself as a series regular on "Legends of Tomorrow." Even before "Legends of Tomorrow" was canceled, Ryan was lending his voice to the character in DC animated movies, like "Justice League Dark" and "Constantine: City of Demons."
Constantine became the central focus in "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War" and convinced The Flash to reset the timeline — something that Warner Bros. Discovery could easily work with, making him the culprit. Matt Ryan's Constantine could be the one constant in every DC universe and the solution to DC's continuity problems, possibly giving way to one of the biggest crossover events.