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How M. Night Shyamalan Helped She's All That Get Made
When moviegoers think of M. Night Shyamalan, they imagine supernatural plots, twist endings, Haley Joel Osment seeing dead people, and superheroes from a psychiatric facility. However, the Oscar-nominated director and screenwriter may have also had a hand in the creation of the ‘90s teen romantic comedy, “She’s All That.”
According to an archived 2013 interview, Shyamalan seemed to imply that he ghostwrote the teen flick. The credited writer R. Lee Fleming Jr. naturally didn’t take it well and posted and deleted quite a shady post on Twitter in response to a follower sharing the interview; Fleming Jr. implied that Shyamalan was only a ghostwriter “in his mind.”
“She's All That” producer Jack Lechner, however, provided some clarity on the matter, saying that Fleming wrote the original screenplay that was pitched to Miramax Films, but Shyamalan did the rewrites that caused the company to greenlight it. Lechner also noted that there wasn't anything about Fleming's original script that was too different from the final product.