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How Karl Urban Fell In Love With Filmmaking
Karl Urban has enjoyed a steady film career, either as supporting characters or heavies, which he has now translated into a lead role on the small screen as Billy Butcher on "The Boys." So, what was it that drew him to not just acting, but screen acting in particular?
Urban hails from New Zealand, a country with a sizable film industry. During his childhood, Urban's mother worked for a company that rented out equipment such as cameras and lights to local filmmakers, and thanks to his mother's career, Urban was exposed to filmmaking at a young age.
In the end, it was the local work that got Urban that big break. Harry Sinclair, director of an indie film that Urban starred in titled "The Price of Milk," showed a rough cut to a fellow filmmaker friend of his, and that filmmaker cast Urban in his next project: a little something called "The Lord of the Rings."