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How Halloween Ends Pays Tribute To One Of Halloween's Classic Posters
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Halloween Ends."
In director David Gordon Green's divisive "Halloween Ends," the brunt of Michael Myers’ silent presence lures in a twentysomething named Corey Cunnigham (Rohan Campbell). Green's film holds a significant reverence for Carpenter's seminal horror masterpiece while opting to form its own path.
That doesn't mean there aren't some Easter eggs to be found throughout, with the most interesting of them appearing right before the opening title sequence. Corey standing at the top of the stairs while brandishing a kitchen knife is framed as an homage to one of the original posters for "Halloween."
Seeing the two images back-to-back shows how much Green wanted the audience to form a connection between Corey and Michael before their rendezvous in the sewers of Haddonfield. Corey's transformation into Haddonfield's next big slasher shows how Laurie learns to demystify the source of her fear, and that the boogeyman is just a man, and can be killed.