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How Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Sets The Stage For Doctor Doom In The MCU
With a new “Fantastic Four” film on the horizon, it's only natural that attention turns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of one of the franchise's greatest villains: Doctor Doom. Though there wasn't room for him in "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” the superhero’s comics speak to a conflict that could introduce Doom as a real threat in the future.
In the comics, Doctor Doom recognizes an equal in King T'Challa, proposing alliances between their nations whenever an opportunity presents itself. T'Challa always refuses, sensing ulterior motives in Doom (and rightly so), which forces Doom to search for a foothold in Wakanda through less-official channels.
When T'Challa is mortally wounded in a battle against Doom in "Black Panther" Vol. 5, the royal family slowly loses influence in Wakanda, and Doom works to further dismantle the country behind the scenes through a hostile group called the Desturi. As with most threats to Wakanda, Doom has his sights on the nation's cache of vibranium.
It's no wonder writer-director Ryan Coogler resisted the urge to cast Doom as the Big Bad in "Wakanda Forever," given the scale of Doom's relationship to the nation. That doesn't mean that Doom can't serve as an antagonist in a future "Black Panther" film, but only time will tell if a third film sees the newly-minted Black Panther up against the supervillain.