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How a Would-Be Cameo Became One of Robin Williams' Most Memorable Roles
In director Bobcat Goldthwait's "World's Greatest Dad," Robin Williams plays aspiring writer Lance Clayton, who is a morally reprehensible character. It’s a role that leaves as much of an impression as his comedic and likable characters, but it turns out that Williams initially only intended to make a cameo in the film.
In an interview, Williams revealed, "Initially, I read it as a favor. I said, 'Listen, maybe if I do a cameo, it'll help you get it made.'” However, after reading the script where Lance uses his awful son’s death to write a fake journal and becomes famous through it, Williams offered to play the lead.
Williams showed his incredible range in playing such an unlikeable character, and director Goldthwait said in an interview that his unlikability was the key for the audience to relate to him. He explained, “[Lance] wants to be rich and famous to meet a bunch of broads. He thinks that can fix him. You're not supposed to like him, [...but] you know people like that or you yourself should grow up.'"