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House Of The Dragon’s Foot Fetish Scene Is Not What You Think It Is
Spoiler Warning!
This article contains spoilers for the penultimate episode of "House of the Dragon" Season 1.
In a show packed with sex, violence, and sexual violence, why are “House of the Dragon” fans focused on a relatively minor scene featuring a fairly vanilla fetish? The scene in question shows Queen Alicent revealing her feet to Larys Strong in return for information, but the scene is more nuanced than some critics would have you believe.
Some critics took issue with the show’s portrayal of Strong’s foot fetish originating in his feelings about his own clubfoot. However, exploitation of insecurity is a common source of fetish development — but of course, not every fetish is rooted in insecurity — and if we know anything about George R.R. Martin, Larys Strong’s penchant will turn out as more than meets the eye.
Other critiques lamented the downfall of Queen Alicent, however, from the moment Alicent hears Larys’ voice in her chambers, it’s clear this has happened before. This is not a new low for the Queen; it’s a moment of reckoning as she realizes she is just as corrupt as everyone she judges and the only way she can win the throne is by sacrificing everything she stands for.