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House Of The Dragon Secretly Switched The Cargyll Twins When One Of Them Caught Covid
“House of the Dragon” ended its first season with plenty of drama, and while the battle for the crown is centerstage, the season’s final episodes also put a spotlight on the Cargyll twins. These identical knights named Arryk and Erryk are played by twin brothers, Luke and Elliot Tittensor respectively, which came in handy when one of them got Covid while filming.
While filming the finale, Elliot Tittensor tested positive for COVID-19, so his brother Luke filled in for him as Erryk while he recovered. Elliot wasn’t on set while they were shooting the scene where Corlys enters the war room as they’re planning their next steps, but luckily Luke was able to fill in as Erryk and appears right next to Rhaenyra throughout the scene.
While their striking visual similarity certainly makes it easy for each brother to stand in for the other, the show is making efforts to differentiate the two characters. Throughout “The Green Council,” the twins are at odds over the rightful heir to the throne, with Erryk leaving to support Rhaenyra, positioning the brothers on opposite sides of the war as we enter Season 2.