CIRCA 1994: Actor Warwick Davis in a scene from the Trimark Pictures movie "Leprechaun 2" circa 1994. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)
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Horror Movies With Unconventional Monsters
The Socialites
Transforming the metaphorical evils of wealth inequality and classism into a nauseating mass of goo and flesh, “Society” is the story of Bill, who finds out that his rich parents and their rich friends aren’t human at all. Instead, they belong to a race of shapeshifting creatures who meld into one another in a practice they call "shunting."
"Malignant" takes the concept of an evil twin to bizarre heights with Gabriel, Madison’s conjoined twin who has been waiting to reemerge. He starts surfacing from the back of Madison's head with a warped face and malicious intent, which is all the more fantastic thanks to the film’s execution.
The Bear
"Annihilation" is a movie with beautiful, uneasy visuals that transport the viewer into The Shimmer, an incomprehensible world with the Bear, a mutated predator that has merged with the characters’ dead friend. The stomach-churning alien nature of the Bear perfectly exemplifies the unprecedented dangers lurking in The Shimmer.
Language zombies
“Pontypool” is a fresh take on zombies, where ordinary people turn violent and attack each other after succumbing to a strange virus that spreads through the words the characters say and hear. The monster is language, the carrier for a new kind of sickness that spreads without droplets and touch — and there is no quarantine, vaccine, or escape.
The Goblins
"Troll 2" is known for its over-the-top performances, endlessly quotable dialogue, ridiculous practical effects — and of course, the goblins. These evil, shapeshifting vegetarians lure humans to their town, feed them enchanted food, and turn them into human-plant hybrid piles of bright green goo.