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Here's Why Movie and TV Sex Scenes Are Necessary
Sex scenes are often debated with well-worn points about their necessity, but — to put it bluntly — they are necessary and should be welcome. In recent years, there has been an internalization of the PG-13 rating that has caused a decline in sex scenes in films, while fight and chase scenes continue to reign supreme.
The lack of intimacy in films could be due to the pace of the modern blockbuster, most likely beginning with 2011’s “Sucker Punch.” The treatment of sexuality in this film has paved the way for a largely sexless, fantasy violence movement in cinema. Removing sex from movies, however, removes it from everyday conversation.
The benefits of sex in cinema are many — offering a release for the characters and audience, correcting the skewed views of sexuality from pornography, and showing that sex can be good even when it's imperfect. It also highlights queer love in film, as well as dealing with real life issues, such as safe sex, pregnancy, and abortion. Sex can also just be fun, and it’s okay for humans to be sexual beings.
There are legitimate concerns about filming sex scenes ethically, as well as the blowback that actors and actresses will get for performing in these scenes. Though these issues occur, sex in the cineplex is healthier, better, and definitely more fun. Nothing good comes from hiding it.