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Here's What The Cannibals Of Bones And All Were Actually Eating on Set
An enigmatic aspect of Luca Guadagnino's latest film, "Bones and All," is its gore, which leads to a burning question about what it was all made out of. In an upcoming /Film interview, actor Taylor Russell reveals what was being eaten on set in lieu of actual human flesh.
"I remember the incredible effects team and the team who were handling all of that sort of stuff told me that it was maraschino cherries, dark chocolate, and Fruit Roll-Ups. If that sounds good to you, cool. If it doesn't, fair enough. But it was very sweet and [tastier] than anything else maybe you could imagine."
The gore effects are top-notch, and more realistic than what audiences may be anticipating. However, the shock of the gory scenes is essential to how the film pulls off this magical, almost dreamlike, feeling that only dissipates when the characters are at their most primal.