Emily Swallow attending the panel for The Mandalorian series during Star Wars Celebration Event 2022 in California.
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Here's The True Motivation Of The Mandalorian's Armorer
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "The Mandalorian."
In "The Mandalorian," the Armorer (Emily Swallow) is the moral authority for the covert she runs and never seems to be anything but fair, holding the line for her faith but not being cruel to those who don't follow it in the same way. In an exclusive interview with /Film, Swallow explained the motivation behind the character's balance of strictness and support.
Swallow said, "I'd like to think she is somebody who upholds what is sacred and what is true. [...] The creed is something that many of them have felt not worth holding to, but through everything that's happened, it is the thing that has held most of them together, and it is the thing that has seemed most true to them."
The Armorer isn't dogmatic, though, as Swallow stressed that "she is also somebody who I think wants what is best for her people and is open to listening." By punishing Din for removing his helmet, she's only reminding him that his choices have consequences, but when an opportunity presents itself for Din, she doesn't hesitate to give him a chance at redemption.