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Here's The Sandman Scene That Made Neil Gaiman Cry
After various failed attempts, Neil Gaiman’s beloved comic series has finally been adapted into a live-action show, bringing long-time fans and new audiences into the surreal world of “The Sandman.” The comic and show’s narrative follows Dream, one of the seven siblings known as the Endless — who are eternal manifestations of states of being.
The author has been directly involved with the Netflix production and has even shared on Twitter one particular scene that made him cry. In the scene, Dream (Tom Sturridge) accompanies his sister Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) while she comforts an old man named Harry as he parts ways with life before moving on to the next phase.
Gaiman’s Death — far from the typical depictions — is a warm, humorous, empathetic, and grounded being who comforts the souls of the recently deceased, so it’s no wonder he would be emotional seeing his character come to life on screen. It’s thanks to her personality that Death emerged as one of the most likable of the Endless, with many fans resonating with the character.