Gerard Johnstone, director of M3GAN, attends the film's Los Angeles premiere
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Here's How Gnarly The Unrated Version Of M3GAN Gets
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for “M3GAN.”
Following the theatrical release of “M3GAN,” director Gerard Johnstone and screenwriter Akela Cooper revealed that the original script was gorier than the screen version and even teased the possibility of an unrated cut. Now released on Peacock for streaming, the unrated version has noticeable differences from the theatrical cut, including added swearing and graphic violence.
Not only does the gnarlier, unrated version drop seven more F-bombs than the PG-13 release, but it also presents deaths more brutally. In one scene, M3GAN revels in bully Brandon’s pain as she rips off his ear, while in another she nails a power washer directly in the face of Gemma's neighbor, Celia, and shreds off her cheek flesh with the pressure of the hose.
Another instance of gory violence comes when M3GAN chases down and kills Gemma’s boss, David, his blood spraying all over his assistant Kurt in the elevator. When M3GAN slices Kurt’s throat, more blood erupts like a geyser and covers the elevator’s back walls. The moment is still quick like in the theatrical cut, but that little extra gore really elevates the scene.