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Henry Cavill's 10 Best Moments As Superman
Supes takes flight
Henry Cavill's first flight in “Man of Steel” inspired more hope and optimism for the future of Superman than any other scene in the film. As he crashes back to the ground after his first shaky attempt, Superman is overwhelmed with power and punches the ground, which launches him into an epic flight.
The oil rig rescue
As giant pieces of an oil rig threaten to fall on the helicopter rescuing the workers in “Man of Steel,” Clark, barefooted and chested, leaps from his fishing boat to help. Holding up the debris while Han Zimmer's deafening score punctuates the heroic moment, Superman gives the helicopter just enough time to get away.
The (Almost) return
Superman was in the mid-credits scene of “Black Adam” when Amanda Waller warns Black Adam against leaving Kahndaq, threatening to call in favors from outside of Earth. Emerging from the rubble of a comms machine Black Adam destroyed, Superman says, “It's been a while since anyone's made the world this nervous. Black Adam ... we should talk.”
The sacrificial Supes
With a Kryptonite spear in his hand, Superman takes flight and impales Doomsday in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” thereby saving the world. Although the damage is done, Doomsday would have the last laugh after stabbing the weakened Superman due to his Kryptonite exposure, resulting in Superman's death.
In handcuffs
Although seeing Superman in handcuffs in “Man of Steel” is funny, the moment touches on the moral dilemma humankind would naturally face when dealing with a being like Superman. Cavill creates a self-aware Superman who understands Earth’s predicament and tells Lois upon being cuffed, “It makes them feel more secure.”