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HBO Is Sending The True Blood Reboot Back To The Grave
HBO will no longer bring "True Blood" back to screens in rebooted form. The news came from Variety, which reported the project's cancellation directly from the source, as Casey Bloys, CEO of content at HBO and HBO Max, told the outlet that there were repeated attempts to kick something off with several scripts, "but nothing that felt like it got there."
Bloys' statement on the cancellation of the reboot is remarkably brief given the way "True Blood" once held the premium TV landscape by the throat. When it premiered in 2008, juggernauts like "The Wire," "The West Wing," and "The Sopranos" had all come to an end within the past two to three years, and no series had yet stepped up to fill the campy side of the TV void.
Where so much "prestige TV" centered on male protagonists and utilized a grim, rational, and humorlessly masculine aesthetic, "True Blood" was like an oasis of sexy pulp in a desert of Very Serious Men. Since it was a product of legendary creator Alan Ball, it never felt like a delectable trifle with thrilling character arcs, intriguing political analogues, and fabulous world-building.