American Actor Harrison Ford (Photo by Nancy Moran/Sygma via Getty Images)
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Harrison Ford’s American Graffiti Singing Was Seen As An Insult
Harrison Ford is known for his iconic roles like Hans Solo and Indiana Jones, but the one thing he is probably not known for is singing. When Ford attempted to add depth to his “American Graffiti” character, Bob Falfa, by singing Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Some Enchanted Evening,” it was not well received.
In "Harrison Ford: The Films," a biographical look into the star's career, author Brad Duke wrote, "Some criticized the rendition as an insult to the original lyricist Ezio Pinza. It was apparent that Ford suffered from severe tone-deafness, and he was further ridiculed for his poor attempts to ad-lib the lyrics he didn't know."
Worse, Richard Rodgers himself denied “American Graffiti” director George Lucas the right to use his music because he considered Ford's performance an insult to the talents of his late partner, Oscar Hammerstein. Despite this, Ford's musical performance would later be added to the 1978 re-release of "American Graffiti," just a year after "Star Wars: A New Hope."