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Harrison Ford Unwittingly Inspired Daniel Radcliffe's Post-Potter Career Path
After his career-defining role as Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has never become complacent, actively starring in many theatrical productions and odd films. Radcliffe’s early success has allowed him the freedom to be selective with his projects, something his Harry Potter co-star Gary Oldman says is a privilege “most actors work most of their career to get.”
The actor knew many expected him to “fade away” after Harry Potter, but Radcliffe was determined to prove otherwise, saying, “I really wanted that not to be the case, because I knew that I loved it, and I wanted to do whatever I have to do to have a career with longevity.” Radcliffe was inspired by Harrison Ford, who has two career-defining roles.
While Ford is best known for being Han Solo and Indiana Jones, he was also able to leave his mark with such roles as Rick Deckard in the “Blade Runner” films. Ford may have never chosen roles as bizarre as Radcliffe’s picks, but it’s clear that his post-Han Solo/Indy life has inspired the younger actor to follow a different trajectory and select the roles that he wants.