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Harrison Ford Pushed Through 'Incomprehens-ible' Pain to Finish Temple
of Doom
Harrison Ford is known for playing heroes that aren’t calm and tough all the time; instead, they may fumble and get hurt, but they will always get back to the task at hand. His characters seem to emanate from Ford himself as he is notorious for getting injured or aggravating old injuries while doing his own stunts, and then returning back to the set soon after.
On the set of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” Ford re-injured his back two-thirds of the way thru shooting Ford told the New York Times, "Ultimately, I think it was [riding] the elephants that did me in.” Ford refused to let his injury hold up production, as George Lucas explained, "He could barely stand up, yet he was there every day so shooting would not stop.”
Filming did inevitably have to stop, however, for Ford to get surgery on his ruptured disk, but he returned a mere six weeks later to continue filming. History repeated itself more recently when he suffered a shoulder injury right before his 79th birthday while shooting "Indiana Jones 5" in June 2021 and then returned to the set only a few months later.