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Halloween 4's Rooftop
Had The Entire Set On Pins
And Needles
"Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers" brings the iconic killer back to stalk Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris), his niece and daughter of Laurie Strode. Having a child as the primary target of a butcher knife-wielding serial killer inherently poses real-life dangers, and a rooftop showdown in "Halloween 4" had the entire set on pins and needles.
In the film, Michael pursues Jamie and her sister, Rachel (Ellie Cornell), onto a sloped roof. They shot the scene on a chilly night; the rooftop tiles were icy and slippery. As director Dwight H. Little said, "We had to be extra careful from every conceivable safety point.” Still, they weren't able to save one of their stars from injury.
While shooting the scene, a staple from the roof caught Cornell in her stomach and sliced it open. “It was just a surface wound,” Cornell said, adding, “But I think the set medic went bonkers just because we had more to shoot. So they patched me up, and we went back to work."