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Gore Verbinski Was In 'Pure Survival Mode' During Pirates Of The Caribbean 3
Although the time between movie releases in a franchise today can span several years, that wasn’t always the case in the 2000s. In the case of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, the second and third movies were filmed at the same time, and according to a 2021 interview with director Gore Verbinski, the crew were “in pure survival mode by the time we got to the third [film].”
One of the reasons that they had to film “Dead Man's Chest” and “At World's End” at the same time was because they could only afford to go to the Caribbean island St. Vincent once. Verbinski explained, "We came to St. Vincent, just shot a few days. And there's one scene that had to be shot for the very end of Pirates 3 five days into 2, not knowing what the script of Pirates 3 was yet.”
The tight deadline was also exacerbated by outside factors that they couldn’t control, with Verbinski remembering, “We got hit by a hurricane, [...] half the set got wiped out. Our tank didn't work. We had to pull stuff back to LA.” He and the crew fortunately managed to finish everything in time, with Verbinski saying, “You just embrace the chaos and figure it out.”