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Getting The Post Made Was A Dead Sprint For Steven Spielberg
"The Post," released on December 22, 2017, might be the first major studio release made in direct response to Donald Trump's inauguration, 11 months before. Spielberg became involved in the project in February 2017, and one might easily posit that Trump was very much on the filmmaker's mind.
The film is about the Washington Post’s decision on whether or not to publish portions of the Pentagon Papers in 1971. According to a 2017 panel discussion with, well, the Washington Post, Spielberg revealed just what a quick production “The Post” was, saying that he had to take a brief break from production on another film to make it.
Spielberg immediately began casting knowing that Tom Hanks had to play Ben Bradlee and Meryl Streep Katharine Graham. He knew he had to move fast "because this could not have been a more relevant story for our time that really made me look back and say, 'My god, how does history repeat itself?'"