George Clooney during 2005 Venice Film Festival - "Good Night, and Good Luck." Premiere at Palazzo del Cinema in Venice Lido, Italy. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/WireImage)
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George Clooney's Good Night and Good Luck is Becoming a
TV Series
17 years ago, George Clooney restaged a precarious U.S. historic moment involving Edward R. Murrow, his CBS News producer Fred Friendly, and Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy. It was a triumph of top-flight journalism that plays like sheer fantasy in today's toxic environment.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Clooney and co-writer Grant Heslov have teamed with Jonathan Glatzer to tighten up the microscope on this historic moment in journalism. Airing on AMC, the show will confront “how we respond to chaos and the values that pull us through.”
This suits the tragic style of storytelling Glatzer is known for, but he’s got his work cut out for him. Fictionalizing this era is questionable, for sure, yet Clooney’s heart and mind are in the right place, which means that he could do this material justice once again.