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Genndy Tartakovsky Had To Scrap His Original Plan For Primal Season 2
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Primal" Season 2.
Recently “Primal” creator Genndy Tartakovsky revealed that his plans for Season 2 were derailed by the limitations of the world he created. Season 1 ended with the introduction of more evolved types of people and as fantastical as "Primal" is, Tartakovsky wanted to ground some of the stories in history. In an effort to escape cliches, he had to completely scrap what he initially planned.
“We totally broke what we wanted to do and rediscovered this new path,” said Tartakovsky, whose ambition for “Primal” took the creator down a path away from his original concept. Things changed when Mira, a woman from another civilization, was introduced in the series.
Mira brought Tartakovsky to a crossroads as her advanced abilities implied an intelligent and more evolved civilization exists. He explained, “After [Mira], that's where we got into a pause for a bit to figure out where we're going to go. Originally, of course, you have to do Egypt, right? Because that's one of the first civilizations with the overlord Pharaoh and slaves, but that's where it really broke for me.”
“It just did not feel right at all. We restarted, and as I was digging through history, I came upon something that I never encountered before in early civilization. I got so excited for it, and it was the perfect vehicle for us for the second half of the season." His discovery of something more intriguing to him in an entirely different society is just the kind of ingenuity that made "Primal" successful in the first place.