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Gears of War Movie, Animated Series Headed to Netflix
After years in and out of development hell, it sounds like the much-loved "Gears of War" video game franchise may actually be making the jump from the gaming console to the Netflix home page. According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the streaming giant is set to tackle not one but two adaptations of the massively popular series.
The Netflix deal, in partnership with The Coalition, includes plans for a live-action feature film adaptation, as well as an adult-oriented animated series. The streamer was able to acquire rights to the saga after months of reported negotiations, years after Universal previously optioned the rights to "Gears of War."
While an "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude is certainly warranted from "Gears of War" fans at this point after two failed attempts by New Line and Universal in 2007 and 2016, respectively, THR says Netflix has "grand ambitions" for the franchise. With shows like "Arcane" and "Castlevania" under its belt, the streamer has a good track record for adapting video games.