Gates McFadden attends the IMAX Picard screening
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Gates McFadden Would Love Another Star Trek: The Next Generation Spin-Off
Dr. Crusher received more development in “Star Trek: Picard” than she did in “Next Generation,” which has opened up actress Gates McFadden to the idea of revisiting the character.
When asked if she was willing to play Crusher in more “Star Trek” projects, McFadden said, "If she was as three-dimensional as she was really becoming in this one? Absolutely.”
McFadden was particularly excited to work with showrunner Terry Matalas again, saying, “I trust Terry. [...] I think he would do a tremendous job. And I would love to be involved."
Dr. Crusher was always a mature and put-together figure, so “Star Trek” writers often struggled to give the character interesting plotlines and development.
Now that Dr. Crusher has entered the smuggling scene while still maintaining a strict moral code, future projects may be able to develop her character even further.