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Game Of Thrones Prequel Bloodmoon Shot A $30 Million Pilot That No One Will Ever See
Writing for television can be a punishing experience. It can be nearly impossible to get a script commissioned and too often projects languish in production hell or, even worse, result in a pilot that never gets picked up. That sadly proved to be the case with the "Game of Thrones" spin-off series “Bloodmoon,” formally announced back in 2018, which promised to explore the "true origin of the White Walkers."
“Bloodmoon” was an attempt to diverge completely from what “Game Of Thrones” fans would have expected, but HBO ultimately passed on it. HBO executive Francesca Orsi explained the show as, "'sophisticated, and intelligent, [with] a thematic conversation at the center of it about disenfranchisement in the face of colonialism and religious extremism."
HBO executives thought the pilot paled in comparison to its predecessor and scrapped the entire series. While the $35 million dollar pilot will likely never see the light of day, it did pave the way for "House of the Dragon" which premieres on August 21, 2022.