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Forget Your Theories About The Stranger - Maybe He's Tom Bombadil
“The Rings of Power” introduces a bit of mystery to the show at the end of the premiere episode with the enigmatic “Meteor Man,” known merely as the Stranger (Daniel Weyman). Fans soon began speculating who this puzzling figure could be, with Gandalf, one of the Blue Wizards, or someone with a connection to Sauron being popular theories.
But one other person the Stranger could be is the peculiar, merry fellow in the yellow boots with a penchant for singing in nonsensical rhymes, Tom Bombadil. Appearing early in “The Fellowship of the Ring” book, Tom Bombadil shares a connection with the halflings, similar to the Stranger, and even saved Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin when they first left the Shire.
Both the Stranger and Tom Bombadil are figures shrouded in mystery that exhibit mystical powers and tremendous influence on nature. One piece of evidence that could further support the connection is that Tom Bombadil said he was in Middle-Earth “before the Dark Lord came from Outside,” which could line up with “The Rings of Power” timeline and events.