HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 13: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been digitally retouched) Harrison Ford arrives at the Premiere of 'The Call of the Wild' at the El Capitan Theatre on February 13, 2020 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Kurt Krieger/Corbis via Getty Images)
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Finding The Right Look For Harrison Ford Was A Tall Order For The Yellowstone Crew
Harrison Ford donned an iconic fedora in the “Indiana Jones” franchise, but in “1923,” Ford wears a cowboy hat as Montana rancher Jacob Dutton. “1923” costume designer Janie Bryant felt the weight of Ford's hat-wearing legacy and went through an exhaustive process to find the right cowboy hat for the Dutton character.
Bryant tested about 75 different hats before landing on the one that Dutton wears. She told Variety, “We made so many [hats] for him. All the different colors — trying the different creases, the different brims, the different crown heights. It was definitely a process. [...] There was a lot of collaboration with Taylor, with Harrison and myself to create [a hat] I call the 'Jacob.'”
It takes a special kind of hat to sit on the head that has worn Indiana Jones’ fedora. Thankfully, Bryant was deliberate about finding a hat as distinctive as the ‘Jacob,’ and Ford can continue his legacy of making hats of all kinds look good on screen.