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Filming The Patriot With Mel Gibson Taught Heath Ledger A Valuable Lesson
Early in his career, Heath Ledger had the chance to work with Mel Gibson in 2000’s “The Patriot,” where he played Gibson’s oldest son, who insists on fighting in the Revolutionary War despite his father’s wishes. Their time together was very formative for Ledger, and it helped guide him through the next few years of his career.
The film created a parental bond between the two, and Ledger said he “learned a lot about just relaxing and relaxing on set, and not over-preparing, not overthinking.” Ledger was understandably nervous to work with Gibson, but he says Gibson “just put me at ease straight away,” and showed him how he “tackles” the entertainment industry.
Surprisingly, Ledger even referred to his controversial co-star as “ a gentleman” and “levelheaded,” and the two stayed close for some time. However, Gibson and Ledger fell out when Ledger took a role in “Brokeback Mountain” against Gibson’s wishes, and their relationship never recovered — although after Ledger’s death, Gibson did express regret at not mending their relationship.