CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 21: George Miller attends the photocall for "Three Thousand Years Of Longing (Trois Mille Ans A T'Attendre)" during the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals on May 21, 2022 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)
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Filming The First Mad Max Was A 'Disaster' In The Eyes Of Director George Miller
A dystopian film is an ambitious project to begin a film career, but that's exactly what Australian filmmaker George Miller did with the 1979 film "Mad Max." The movie is a simple revenge story that leans on elaborate stunts and unique visuals to do the heavy lifting, but even though "Mad Max" was an instant hit, Miller initially thought he had a disaster on his hands.
In an interview with The Guardian, Miller admitted that the production made him question if he was cut out to be a filmmaker, saying, "The film was a complete disaster to me in terms of what I wanted to do. We had no money for an editor, so I cut the film myself for a year. And every day for a year I was faced with the evidence of what I hadn't done, what I'd failed to do.”
As it turns out, “Mad Max” became a global hit that has spawned several blockbuster sequels. Today, Miller is considered the Martin Scorsese of Australia, and like Scorsese, he continues to push the boundaries of filmmaking, making up new rules as he goes while producing arguably his best, most breathtaking work yet, all while in his seventies.