UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 26: Justin Lin speaks onstage during CTAOP's Night Out on June 26, 2021 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for CTAOP)
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Fast & Furious Director Justin Lin Takes Han’s Snacking Very Seriously
Those who haven’t seen “Tokyo Drift” may not understand how Han Lue, played by Sung Kang, came into the “Fast & Furious” franchise, but it's easy to track him as the guy who's always snacking. As a former chain smoker, Han needs to be doing something with his hands to avoid relapsing, and director Justin Lin ensured that Han's snacks were chosen very intentionally.
Lin told Collider, “It just can't be a regular snack. And talking to Sung, I think they had to go — like, they had to import those crackers, you know? And I was adamant, I was like, 'We cannot fake Han's snacks.'” As a Japanese native, Han never eats American snacks, only Japanese ones like Kameda Seika Kakinotane Rice Crackers or Meiji Hello Panda Cookies.
While such details might seem trivial, the authenticity helped sell the character of Han. “Having worked with Sung, like even the way he tosses [crackers], you know, it had to be natural. So I remember that was a big thing,” said Lin. As cartoonish and absurd as “Fast & Furious” has gotten over the years, the franchise has effectively grounded its characters with believable traits.