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Fallout: Atomic Bonds Turns Post-Apocalyptic Game Into A Wasteland Wonder
The “Fallout” video game series invites players to explore a post-apocalyptic future where some lucky (or unlucky) few emerge from underground shelters to a land devastated by nuclear war. Fantasy Flight Games replicated the game’s feel in their “Fallout” board game, and they have now improved on it with the “Fallout: Atomic Bonds” expansion, creating a fantastic tabletop experience.
In this storybook-esque game, players take turns completing quests and exploring the map, while discovering townships and enemy spawn points in the Commonwealth setting of “Fallout 4.” FFG impressively implements several of the franchise’s features, like the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and V.A.T.S. systems, which helps give the player an authentic “Fallout” experience.
When initially released, many players found the experience to suffer from game-breaking problems, with the winner often arbitrarily decided by a card flip. The “Fallout: Atomic Bonds” expansion fixes many of the problems and restores its cooperative gameplay potential, making you and your party the Last, Best Hope of Humanity.