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Everything We Learned From HBO's New The Last Of Us Trailer
The trailer shows a world devastated by the Cordyceps brain infection which attacks the brain capacities of the infected through different stages and turns them into monsters. However, the twist that makes "The Last of Us" different from other zombie shows and movies is that its teenage protagonist Ellie is immune.
Perfect Casting
One of the biggest fears fans face with big-screen video game adaptations is that the casting won’t live up to the original. However, the trailer quickly dispels those concerns as Bella Ramsey fully embodies Ellie with her teenage snark and Pedro Pascal's grim, annoyed face perfectly captures the world-weary survivor.
Ish's House
The latest trailer shows what clearly looks like the entrance to Ish's hideout. This is but one of many shots in the trailer that look as if they were lifted straight from the video game.
Nightmare Settings
The trailer shows off vistas of recognizable landmarks in ruins and nature taking over big cities, but "The Last of Us" is all about dark spaces. One such space can be seen as Joel and Ellie walk up a flight of stairs littered with fungi-covered corpses, the same fungi that can transform people into monsters.
Ellie meets Ellie
We see Ashley Johnson, who voiced Ellie in the game, portraying what looks like Ellie's mom in the show, which is a sweet tribute to her history as the originator of this character. Likewise, actor Troy Baker, who played Joel in the game, appears as a goon later in the trailer.