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Everything Everywhere All At Once Finally Passed Morbius At The Box Office
March 2023 has been an exciting month for "Everything Everywhere All At Once" ("EEAAO") fans, as the indie film not only shone at the Oscars but also surpassed the superhero movie "Morbius" in domestic earnings. Despite its modest $25 million budget, "EEAAO" has raked in $75 million domestically, while the $75 million-budgeted "Morbius" has only earned $73 million.
Initially released in only 10 theaters with minimal promotion, "EEAAO" earned an impressive $500,000 during its opening weekend, and the earnings increased as the theater count expanded, reaching $7 million on Easter Weekend. Thanks to word-of-mouth marketing, the film's earnings stayed strong even after that, and it has been further bolstered by its Oscar nominations and wins.
However, "EEAAO" had a less impressive international performance, earning $37 million compared to "Morbius" at $97 million. During opening weekends, both films had similar earnings in Australia and the United Kingdom, but "EEAAO" made significantly less in countries like Mexico, France, and Spain and was released in fewer countries overall.
The reasons for the performance gap between "EEAAO" and "Morbius" aren't clear, but cultural differences or the film's portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters may have played a role. Despite these challenges, "EEAAO" has enjoyed a strong run and has secured its legacy, and is likely to be watched for years to come while "Morbius" has faded from memory.