William Shatner played James T. Kirk, the captain of the Starship Enterprise in the American TV series Star Trek.
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Every Version Of The USS Enterprise Ranked Worst To Best
11. Enterprise J
26th century's NCC-1701-J, which features briefly in the "Enterprise" episode "Azati Prime" looks like a pizza cutter. Our only clue to her overall configuration is an on-screen diagram; from that, one can surmise that this starship is awkward and ugly, looking like it's been flattened by a steamroller a la Judge Doom in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
10. Enterprise 1701-B
It wasn't until the '94 film "Generations" that the B would appear on screen. In an attempt to make it something new, the existing miniature had extra bits added on and to make it appear damaged without harming the model, a flared beltline was added which utterly destroyed the lines of the ship.
9. Enterprise 1701-C
In a rush to get a miniature built quickly, the ship's design was greatly simplified, and the engineering hull's compound curves were eliminated for expediency. The result that appears in the third season of “The Next Generation” looks less like a progression from the B to the D, and more like it belongs between the A and the B.
7. Enterprise NX-01
The A has a "The Next Generation"-like aesthetic in "The Final Frontier," and feels like a cramped warship in "The Undiscovered Country." They're basically different ships. Inconsistencies in both performance and design merit her less than stellar position here.
6. Enterprise 1701-E
Externally, this “First Contact," ship was designed to look leaner and meaner than any other Enterprise, with angles and swept-back elements suggesting a forward momentum. The result is a ship that looks great from some angles and ungainly in others — her profile suggests that she's been stepped on.