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Every Ti West Movie, Ranked Worst to Best
9. Trigger Man
Three friends go out into the woods for a day of hunting, only to find themselves on the receiving end of someone else's rifle scope. That is a solid concept for a thriller, but the problem is that the shooting doesn't start until almost 40 minutes in — so this ultra-low-budget movie doesn't even come close to showing the filmmaking potential of Ti West.
8. The Roost
West's debut feature proves he can competently execute horror scares, shoot scenes that shock, and even pull off some moderately impressive gore — all on a modest budget. However, there is still a glaring lack of attention paid to character development, and sometimes it slogs between bat attacks, so the film has little to recommend it.
7. Valley of Violence
"In a Valley of Violence" — a tonally-confused Western that plays like a low-budget, blackly-funny twist on "John Wick" — isn't a terrible movie. Ethan Hawke and John Travolta seem to be having fun together in the film; however, West doesn't find anything interesting to do with his setup aside from having his protagonist pick off the dog killers one by one.
6. Cabin Fever 2
"Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever" is a straight-to-DVD sequel to Eli Roth's gross-out shocker "Cabin Fever," and the only film West has directed without writing. West is mostly just aping Roth's style from the first film here, which is exactly the assignment, and he does it reasonably well for a direct-to-video movie that basically exists as a vehicle for nudity and gore.
5. The Innkeepers
"The Innkeepers" follows hotel employees Luke and Claire, who think the hotel is haunted and try to capture proof of the supernatural before the place closes for good. The film shows that West understands the tension-and-release rhythms of the horror film very well, but it's a mild disappointment, full of jump scares and little else.