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Every Supernatural Season Ranked Worst to Best
15. Season 12
Season 12 of "Supernatural" saw the return of Lucifer and the resurrection of Mary Winchester.. The season officially broke The CW's record for its longest-running show — and to be fair, it is better than any 12th season has a right to be — but it ultimately serves as a dull transition between more interesting stories.
14. Season 7
The seventh season of "Supernatural," and the second in Sera Gamble's term as showrunner, has an exciting premise that somehow manages to feel like an icky drag. Castiel’s intermittent absences and bizarre turn as the new God and antagonist contributed to the recipe for a rotten season.
13. Season 14
Season 14 starts to feel unoriginal when it begins revisiting many of the show's prior plotlines including the possession of Dean by the archangel Michael. While the season does lay the groundwork for turning God into the main villain of the series as a whole, the action along the way leaves much to be desired.
12. Season 15
The final season drew controversy with an egregious example of the "bury your gays" trope by killing Castiel minutes after he reveals his unrequited romantic feelings for Dean. The divisive finale, though filled with poignant moments, feels arguably empty. The abundance of controversies bumps this entry down at least one place in the rankings.
11. Season 13
Fan favorites Charlie, Kevin, and Bobby all return in the Apocalypse World as alternate versions of their former selves, but this only serves to remind us of their untimely deaths in the first place. Combine that with the back-door pilot for the failed spin-off, "Wayward Sisters," and this is a solid season that unfortunately reminds us of the many things we'll never get to see.