Every Star Trek Series Ranked From Worst to Best
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11. Star Trek: Enterprise
Premiering in September 2001, four months after “Voyager,” the spirit of "Star Trek" may have lived in the cast of “Enterprise,” but the execution did not do them justice. From having the first intro theme with lyrics to muddied story arcs that left viewers scratching their heads, this series lands in last place with many fans.
10. Star Trek: Discovery
This series returns to the pre-Kirk era, with the crew of the USS Discovery beginning its mission of exploration in 2256. While the first couple of seasons are sometimes a grim slog with little of the planet-hopping fun that drew many to the franchise, it has developed its rhythm over time and is now far more well-received.
9. Star Trek: Picard
Taking a step away from the formula for a rich exploration of a single character, the galaxy is on standby as we follow Jean-Luc Picard exploring the consequences of Starfleet's past actions and his own. Sometimes the writing of “Picard” is messy, but the journey is worth it.
8. Star Trek: The Animated Series
Remarkable for the time with its kid-friendly but serious storytelling, "The Animated Series" is functionally a fourth season of the original series. With the majority of the original cast returning — save Walter Koenig — there's a lot of good "Trek" to be found under the hoary silliness.
7. Star Trek: Prodigy
With vibrant animation showcasing its almost entirely alien cast of characters, "Prodigy" is a kid's show that understands that kids are way smarter, tougher, and more curious about the universe around us than we often realize. It mixes in a handful of anthological-style stories with a plot about a prison planet and its mysterious tyrant, the Vau N'Akat Diviner.